Who is Dirk Zegel?

I am an outsider in the art scene. I haven’t attended an art academy and I am totally self-taught in that area. Artistically in a sense naïve, but also free to do and explore whatever I want. That freedom is reinforced, because I mainly earn my money by making television programs, so I do not have to listen to the market, or the well-intentioned advice of people with commercial insight.

I do not come from an artistic environment, but I have made art my whole life. However, I only started to realize that when I got a relationship with an artist, Elise van der Linden. Art was a kind of forbidden fruit. I did some tinkering occasionally, but it did not serve the practical goals that were taught to me. The realization that art was a special form of communication intended to plant the seeds for the minds of mankind, legitimized my dedication to the arts.

At the base I am a scientist. I have studied chemistry, genetics, astrophysics and math, among other things, and I have an unwavering interest in everything that has a system behind it. When I learned to approach science as an artist, a world opened up for me. Art has made an important contribution to the deepening of my universe. Art has become a way to express myself. And way of expressing concepts and feelings that I could not convey in any other way.